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Cast of Teen Wolf being adorable at BiteCon 2014
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I made a blogroll and an about me page. I’ll be adding a follow forever at some point and I’ll make a new tags page and fic rec page. Reworking my theme and organizing my blog is proving to be very therapeutic considering nothing else can manage to hold my attention for that long…

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Derek Hale in every episode - Season 3B

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Reblog if you think fanfiction is a legitimate form of creative writing.

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I follow you because you are a lovely person and you're so friendly<3 Plus your fics/fics recs and Sterek playlist are perfection!


djfklajflkdsa, seriously, thank you!! I didn’t actually expect someone to message me, if I’m honest! You’re the lovely one, m’dear! :3 <333

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tell me why u follow me on anon

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Stiles underestimate Derek’s hearing ability…and well…he’s just a teenager…

requested by anon :)

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Derek Hale : worried - sad faces. (season 3)

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